Purchase Make Art with Python

Purchase Make Art with Python and get early access to all chapters of the book, along with video lessons for each chapter as they're available.

As an early access reader, you'll get a discount for your early purchase, and first access to new videos as they are released.


In what format do I get my book?

You'll have a PDF, ePub, and Mobi version of your book, all without any DRM.

This means you'll be able to make and use as many copies of the book as you need, for your personal use.

In addition to the traditional formats of the book, you'll also get an account with access to video tutorials on this site.

What's included in my early access?

You're given full access to the 13 chapters of Make Art with Python, all of which have already been gone over by my wonderful editor, Dan Foster.

The video tutorials walk through each of the chapters in the book, explaining all the pices of code. Right now the video chapters are completed up to Chapter 5.

As the rest of the chapters videos get uploaded, you'll be given first access for your early purchase. After September 15, 2018, the price of the book and videos will rise to $50.

How is this book different?

Make Art with Python is the book I wish existed when I was a teenager.

The act of writing code is about creativity first, and with this book I've tried to get that idea across. If you love making new things, and love playing, this is the book for you. Forget about stupid logic puzzles. Let's play!

Is my payment secure?

Stripe handles are payment processing for Make Art with Python. This means we never see your payment information, as it's immediately handled by Stripe's payment platform.

I take my user's privacy very seriously, and will make all effort to protect it, both by minimizing my access to it, and securing the connection between us. Every page on Make Art with Python is sent over SSL, provided by the wonderful Let's Encrypt project.

Is there a Privacy Policy for my account?

Yes, and you can read it here.

I don't want an account. Can I just buy the book?

Yes, you can buy the book only directly from Leanpub, for $14.99 here. You'll still be notified when there are updates to the book, and will have access to all code as it becomes available. You just won't have access to the videos, or to the remaining chapters on this site.

In addition, 10% of the purchase price at Leanpub will be donated to the EFF.

This didn't answer my question!

Feel free to email me at kirk@makeartwithpython.com, and I'll do my best to answer.