Programming for Creative People

Learning to program computers the traditional way sucks.

Instead of spending time writing actual programs, you're expected to memorize a bunch of new ideas, and then put them together with print statements.

With Make Art with Python, we used a different approach.

Forget learning to program through dry math puzzles. Make Art with Python teaches programming the fun way-- through art!

The world needs more creative programmers, not more mindless drones. So start your journey today, and unleash your creativity with the power of computers. Finally learn what it's like to see the world from the other side, from the mind of a real programmer.

Make Art with Python is a book designed to get creative people started with programming. Through tiny, easy to write programs, we build drawing programs that visually demonstrate the core concepts behind programming.

And these aren't toy programs. By the end of the book, we'll have written programs to generate videos, art to 3D print, and new tesselations for fabrication via laser cutting.

If you've never programmed a computer before, don't worry. Make Art with Python starts with the most basic concepts, typing out programs just a single line at a time, and then develops step by step from there.

Become a developer by creating an account on Make Art with Python. The first few chapters are free, there's no reason not to begin.

Purchase Early Access Now for $45 $24.95 until March 31 2018.

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